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Order Soap Logs

Maple Springs Farm brings to you our handcrafted Country Farm Soap Logs.

Our soap logs are 13 inches long, you get approximately 12 4 oz bars out of a log. Simply use a filet knife to cut them. I would recommend you cut them when you get them. Don't worry about getting it even, the uneveness adds to the beauty of the handcrafted soap! Approximately one inch equals a four ounce bar. It looks like the picture below. Retail handmade soap sells for an average of $4.00 per bar, so by buying it this way, you've saved $15!! As for storage, do not store in a closed container! The soap needs to breathe. It needs air! It also doesn't like humidity. THis order page is for those of you who need suggestions. Please use the other section if you want to pick your scents and stuff.... Here are some tried and true combinations that are winners...

***** Natural Soap Scents *****
Euclyptus Mint with Crushed Mint...$33.00

Euclyptus Litsea with Ground Coffee...$33.00

Lemongrass Mint with Lemongrass...$33.00

Lavender Mint with Crushed Mint...$33.00

Double Mint with Crushed Mint...$33.00

Rosemary Mint with Rosemary...$33.00

Lemon Litsea Lime with Coffee...$33.00

STress Relief...$33.00

Tea Tree with Tapioca...$33.00

Lavender with Crushed Oatmeal...$33.00

***** Farm Soap Scents *****
Macintosh Applesauce with Ground Cinnamon...$33.00

Black Cherry Mint with Coffee...$33.00

Orange Clove with Ground Cloves...$33.00

Double Chocolate with Cocoa...$33.00

Coffee with Ground COffee...$33.00


Plum Pudding...$33.00

Oatmeal Milk and Maple Syrup with Oatmeal...$33.00

Vanilla Nutmeg with Nutmeg...$33.00

Gingerbread with Cinnamon and Cloves...$33.00

Vanilla SPice with Cocoa...$33.00

Rasperry White Vanilla ...$33.00

Jack Frost with Crushed Mint and Cloves...$33.00

***** Floral Soap Scents *****

White Magnolia...$33.00

Red Rose...$33.00

Lilac with Oatmeal...$33.00

Plumeria with Ground Coffee...$33.00

***** Men's Soap Scents *****
Bay Rum Lime with Crushed Mint...$33.00

Cinnamon with Ground Cinnamon...$33.00

Lumberjack with Coffee...$33.00

Spiced Cherry with Ground CLoves...$33.00

What do we like? -
Farmy, definately. You can tell that's my favorite just by the number of farm scents we have. Here lately it's been the cholocate or the coffee... But I like them all... I like a lot of them. Have fun, enjoy!

Create Your Own Soap Log

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