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Welcome to Maple Springs Farm. We are a family owned farm. We grow Christmas Trees, blueberries, have an orchard, and make handcrafted soap. Our unique products have expanded to include emu oil, custom embroidery, personalized etched glass, maple syrup, shoo-fly pie, funny cake, and we even have our own online cookbook at Welcome to our family farm where we like our stuff fresh! I hope you enjoy our site!  
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Maple Springs Farm Maple Syrup
The Lemonaide Diet - Master Cleanse

People have known the health benefits of lemons for centuries. Lemons are nature's way of cleaning out of detoxing your system. THis recipe is real simple.

  • 4 lemons
  • 1 quart spring water or well water(no town water!)
  • 1/2 cup grade B maple syrup (i never actually measure this)
  • 1/2 tea. of ground ceyene pepper
Mix it all up... put it in the fridge...

If you look on the internet with the true master cleanse diet this is all you are supposed to drink (no food) for a minimum of 10 days... It does clean out your system, but you then have to gradually introduce food to it again. People have lost up to 20 pounds on this system. Well, I've got news for you. My doctor told me that guess what you don't have to not eat for this mixture to be good for you! You of course should be eating light as in your fruits and vegetables but you don't have to do without food. THis is good news for people like me who want the benefits but have health problems (lyme) - dieting is not recommended within 2 years of any illness.... THis is great cold or hot.. I like to warm mine and then stick a green tea teabag in it. I try and alternate the hot and the cold because it actually does two different things to your cells... My doctor could tell you what they are but jist of it is both are useful. THis is especailly good for your liver. Yes if you don't eat you'll pull out more "stuff" as in toxins out of your cells but also your body has to be strong enough that once the toxins get pulled to get rid of it. That's why for me doing this three times a week works well... it still pulls toxins out of my cells but it also gives my body a chance to get rid of what's pulled out. Plus it's easier on my blood sugar situation. Make sense?

If you do think you are strong enough to do the full diet all you have to do is drink only the tonic, as in several times a day in place of food, and at night you need to drink a senna (laxitive) tea. You do this for a 10 day minimum. When you get back on food you need to introduce it s-l-o-w-l-y. Warning - if you have to go to work and be functional, my dr's way is easier... it may take a little longer but it still works..

I actually first got introduced to this diet from a handful of my customers.. Everyone was ordering the grade b maple syrup. It is delicious... Then my doctor told me about it a few years later... so here we are... If you would like to order grade b maple syrup please click on the link below.

"Pennsylvania Maple Syrup"
"Grade B"

Grade B
One Gallon
Price - $53.00

"We do not use any fertilizer or additives (no formaldahyde) of any kind"

Books - Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

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